23 de gen. 2010

Helsinki - Workshop at Aalto University (Taideteollinen korkeakoulu)

18–22 January 2010 | Andreu Balius & Saku Heinänen

The MA students designed and drew letters, did some spacing and kerning,
had a look at the Class and OpenType functions of FontLab,
did some diacritics, and designed own specimen. In one week. Phew!
Andreu and Saku liked the results very much, and hope you do, too.

The Aalto University School of Art and Design, also known as ‘Taik’ University (http://www.taik.fi/en/) is located in the Arabia neighbourhood, in north Helsinki.
After having heavy snowfall, Monday morning the sun come up brilliant and magnificent in order to warm up our first day workshop on type design: from sketches to OpenType features. A one-week workshop whose main goal was to introduce MA students to a deep process to type design from a professional basis.

Some sketching process during the first day. Main goal is to achieve a prior approach to a consistent idea to develop along the week.

Drawing outlines. Fixing nodes and control points in order to get proper glyphs.

On friday afternoon the students were quite excited hanging their type specimens on the wall.
The speciments looked very smart!

— Awesome! Saku is happy with the results.

Some sketches were also attached together.

We were discussing the results during more than two hours (with a 10 minutes break).
It has been a long long week of intensive type workshop. Long hours at the school (and some homework to do at home). But the MA students came up with really good work.

Thank you all for these exhausting but wornderful days: Mina Arko, Erik Bertell, Bohyun Han, Jonatan Hilden, Timo Ilola, Salla Kirjalainen, Antti Kivinen, Petri Lahdelma, Emma Laiho, Lynn Ye Lee Yen, Jian Li, Tirza Ben Porat, Annukka Saikkonen, Matti Uronen, Mikko Varakas.
— Kiitos !!!

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