8 de juny 2010

Lisboa - Workshop at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Design ao Cubo 2010

08 June 2010. Faculdade de Arquitectura. Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.
Lisboa 2010

Design ao Cubo is a design event, including graphic, fashion and product design, organized at the Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa by a group of enthusiastic MA students with the support of Architecture Department and professors. 
They are Ana Rita, Joanna, Mafalda, Filipa and Pedro. They have made their best at organizing an international event that includes design students exhibitions and a one-day conference and workshop.
I was asked to give a lecture and a workshop on type design.

As they explained, it all had begun as a student project and they came up with the idea of organizing a one-day design event. As a result it has ended as a real professional event where lots of people – students, professors and professionals – enjoyed from an intensive design day: that's Design ao Cubo.
I was amazed by the energy and talent from those unexperienced students at organizing such an event like that. (See pictures below).

Students preparing some wayfinding signal cubes.

Students designed all promotion material for the event: posters, brochures, badges, flags and postcards, as part of the project assignment.


The workshop, a six hour intensive session on type design, gave some kind of expertise skills, methodology and understanding on type design & font production process. In brief, it was a very intensive introduction to type design.

We begun early in the morning with some sketching and finished with some interesting approaches to character design in the afternoon. After the lecture, we continued working with some demonstrations on FontLab font production. Both practical and theoretical, participants where introduced to the different processes involved in type design.
Enoc Armengol, a young product designer from Barcelona, gave also both workshop and presentation.

The workshop participants

Type & Soul lecture

Workshops were followed by the official opening of exhibitions.
At noon, a quick dinner at the students canteen and a pop concert in the main Hall.
At night, there was a fashion show organized by the MA students. The crowded cafeteria hall celebrated the final projects designed by the MA fashion design students.
It all happened in Lisboa, one of the nicest cities in Europe.

Late at night, students continue their work at the university.